Why artisanal?

Why choose to drink a craft beer?

-taste and aroma

– quality of beer and variety

– try something different

-no additives and preservatives, naturalness of the product

-different alcohol levels


– encourage and support small entrepreneurs

– health benefits

-for fun

– for the possibility of matching

– hangover (this is one of the high points of well-brewed beer that nobody talks about, but it is very important: hangovers are reduced when beer is made with top quality ingredients. Have you ever had this before. wake up and find a buzzing head and a headache that can last until after lunch? This is because you mixed drinks or drank poor quality beers. I took the test and after a few pints of craft beer I went to bed to wake up hangover free the next day Doing the same thing with industrial beer made me wake up like I was fighting a bull.

The Italian craft beer scene is currently one of the most dynamic in Europe, retailers are starting to invest in supporting craft beer and shelf space will increase in the coming years.


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