Shaving oil based on hops

Dear readers,

Leone Beer Company is pleased to introduce you to the shaving oil based on hops.

Our shaving oil is a rinse-free conditioner filled with rich and moisturizing oils such as Argan and jojoba. A couple of drops a day can work wonders, It will make the hairs softer and feed the skin below. Hop cones produce a characteristic aroma familiar to ipa lovers and is complemented by this citrus and rosemary fragrance.


or humulus lupulus although by many unknown it is used for the production of beer and serves to confer aroma and / or bitter but also acts as an antiseptic or prevents the formation of infections during the fermentation process and helps the beer to preserve its freshness. While in the case of our oil it is used to revitalize and restore turgidness and brightness to mature skin, it also gives a natural shine to the hairs and stimulates the metabolic functions of surface tissues thus allowing it to grow stronger and faster.

Our oil does not contain preservatives or additives is a 100% natural product, handmade in Italy.

To date

there are no other similar products in Italy so we can proudly say that we are the first to produce it!

Available in packs of 100 ml.

For each complimentary bottle you will receive our own craft beer.

What are you waiting for contact us now!

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