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Leone Beer Company is an artisanal microbrewery located in Southern Italy. A project born from its founder during the years spent abroad between Northern Europe and North America.

The term craft describes the new generation of small independent breweries that produce traditional beer. Is defined as โ€œINDEPENDENTโ€ the microbrewery which is legally and economically independent from any other brewery and which uses high quality systems physically distinct from those of any other.
“TRADITIONAL”: it means that the raw materials used are natural and selected and that there is no addition of extracts, preservatives or additives. It must not be filtered or pasteurized.
The Lion is the symbol that represents us because it is in him that we fully reflect our personality, he inspired us and despite the difficulties we did not give up.
Experiences abroad, far away from home, are not easy.
There you are considered less than a number, you are alone like in a jungle but always with the family ready to support you.
With many difficulties we made our way, we grew up we trained we studied and worked hard, we became strong like the Lions, but with the knowledge that we can always improve ourselves.
Thanks to the advice of the elders and our determination everything that years ago seemed just a project a very distant dream has come true and we have come to the day to decide which recipes and which styles of beer to produce.
We know that where we have arrived we can be reached by anyone, but we are like Lions and we will do everything to best honor the symbol we have chosen to represent us.
We have decided to dedicate the name of the members of our family to each style of beer that we will produce.
:which is numerous and growing as we hope our project will be.
If you want to know more about our BEERS, do not hesitate to contact us, we organize off-site tastings and events or if you prefer you can visit us at our brewery, we will be happy to let you taste our beers.
Rest assured we will not bite you, we are as docile as LION cubs.

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