History of beer

Storia della birra Leone Beer Company

History of beer CURIOSITY Legend History of beer. The birth of beer is usually told with some sort of Sumerian legend. In a city in Mesopotamia, a few millennia ago, someone who had prepared a kind of corn soup, or soaked bread in a bowl, forgot it in the open air. It rained in it, […]


Beer in Italy in the classical world As known… … the drink par excellence of the classical world is wine, however the Greeks and Romans knew beer well. But wine was undoubtedly the national drink, first of the republic and then of the empire. Nevertheless, not everyone shared the contempt for the barley drink: Julius […]

Why artisanal?

Why choose to drink a craft beer? -taste and aroma – quality of beer and variety – try something different -no additives and preservatives, naturalness of the product -different alcohol levels -whim – encourage and support small entrepreneurs – health benefits -for fun – for the possibility of matching – hangover (this is one of […]