Beer in Italy in the classical world

Beer in Italy in the classical world

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…the drink par excellence of the classical world is wine, however the Greeks and Romans knew beer well. But wine was undoubtedly the national drink, first of the republic and then of the empire. Nonetheless, not everyone shared the contempt for the barley drink: Julius Caesar, for example in his Commentarii, shows that he appreciated the <>, but even more important for its diffusion was Gnaeus Julius Agricola. He was governor of Britain in the 1st century AD, and from there he brought back to Rome a certain quantity of venison, but above all some master brewers from the island. Thanks to him he opened the first place where Celtic beer was served called Domus Cerevisiae.

“Beer is a liquid relic from Human prehistory and its origins are closely intertwined with the origins of civilization itself”


LBeer is one of the oldest drinks in the world, but today it is produced with the latest technologies. A beautiful fusion of history, passion and science produces a coherent and quality product. From barley to hops, from boiling to fermentation, we know that the entire process requires more than just passion; it needs science!

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