History of beer

History of beer


History of beer. The birth of beer is usually told with a sort of Sumerian legend. In a city in Mesopotamia, a few millennia ago, someone who had prepared a kind of grain soup or soaked bread in a bowl forgot it in the open air. It rained in it, the heat cooked that mixture of water and cereals and something entered it (we know about wild yeasts) which made it foam (spontaneous fermentation therefore took place). The first to taste the mixture was an animal, let's imagine a dog. After drinking some I start walking in a zigzag pattern and acting strangely. A man, let's say the owner of the beast, observed the reaction in amazement. Having overcome his mistrust and fear, he decided to try that swill himself. Humanity's first sip of beer.

The story continues

The story continues with the man who, under the influence of the new drink, behaves like never before. Find the courage to tell everyone what you think of them, and estimate the problems regressed with relatives and neighbors. Enthusiastic about the magical power of that potion, he tries to repeat the process this time: and again he gets the same intoxicating result. He therefore abandons his previous work and begins to produce that wonder, to which, to honor the prodigious effect on mental processes, he gives the name se-bar-bi-sag, that is, <>.

In any case we know that in the Neolithic era beer developed independently in places that were even very distant and without exchanges on the globe: starting at least from the 4th millennium BC. we have archaeological evidence in the Scottish islands, in Malta, in Iran, in Mesopotamia and in Egypt. The greatest evidence, not only paleobotanical and archaeological, but also paleographic, iconographic (bas-reliefs and seals) and finally literary, comes from these last two regions, which is why we affirm that the Fertile Crescent was the cradle of beer.

The Fertile Crescent was precisely one of the places on Earth where an environment favorable to the growth of large expanses of wild barley and spelled was produced, and for this reason it became one of the theaters of the birth of humanity's first permanent settlements: the first villages. Precisely in these villages, probably following fortuitous events not too dissimilar to the narrated legend, the adventure of brewing began.

(source: the great story of beer by Matteo Zamorani Alzetta) – history of beer

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